Hillary West
Denver, CO

Growing within a large, close family, and entering into my adult life in a career that was extremely isolating, I began to notice how huge of a longing I had for community.  As humanity evolves, our tendencies toward separateness and our burning desires to connect are becoming magnificently stronger.  Tribal community is a part of our cellular wisdom, and I believe whole heartedly in the power of connection, support, strong conversations, and the radiant energy that is provoked through reflection, visioning, sharing, and tribe!  Radiant Tribe is a staple in my life as I move forward in my artistry, entrepreneurship, and the activation I am choosing.


Erin Hat
Denver, CO

I am a newcomer to the idea of tribes. My first tribe experience was living in New Zealand after college. My best friend and I lived with three other friends, in a van, for a month. When I returned home, I knew I wanted to recreate that exhilarating energy in my life. Over the course of a few years, I’ve joined multiple tribes and even led some myself. Radiant Tribe is a unlike any Tribe I’ve ever participated in. We are a group of TURNED ON visionaries. After my first tribe, I started a business and my life expanded in ways I never imagined. Outside of my work with Radiant Tribe, I am an herbalist and flower essence therapist.


Julia Patterson
Castro Valley, CA

Julia Myers Patterson joined the Radiant Tribe Facilitator team at its inception in 2017.  She is passionate about creating community through Radiant Tribe and all the possibilities of living an activated and turned-on life. She is dedicated to personal growth, spiritual development and creating loving community.  She has over 25 years of over Human Resources experience in the corporate setting. She studied Human Resource Management at San Francisco State University and received an Employee Relations Certification from Cornell University. In addition, she is an experienced mediator and corporate trainer.  She is an Intern Volunteer and a member of the HAI Global Board of Directors which is non-profit dedicated to personal growth.  Julia has lived in the SF Bay Area for the past 30 years and currently resides in the East Bay. In her personal life, Julia has two grown children, she is an avid traveler, a Reiki Master, healer, intuitive, she loves yoga, music and sushi. Besides that she spends much of her time in nature with her beloved husband.  




Nancy West
Chicago, IL

Nancy West is a Radiant Tribe trained Facilitator that is excited to Turn On Chicago! I LOVE Tribe! Why? Because in Tribe I am able to NOT GO IT alone! Like minded people that are longing to activate and bring alive the Spark of their True Nature are witnessed and supported in a group setting. 




Ruth Koob
Sarasota, FL

What does tribe mean to me?
It means to me, not a mainstream  face to face community.
How does tribe support me?
I can reach out to my tribe community for any support and don't feel judgment!
My tribe nurtures my Body Mind and Spirit!





Elissa Smith
Durham, NC

Why Tribe? It is holding space for all that is. It is a place of intimacy, connection, freedom and belonging. Elissa has been part of a tribe since early on in life with 5 sisters, 2 brothers and abundance of cousins. She has continued to join tribes and lead them. Tribe equates to a place of belonging and being a part of something bigger. Its a safe place to be, generate and create new possibilities. Her corporate background includes over 11 years of aviation experience. She is a yoga instructor with over 500 hours of training and a facilitator of Access Consciousness BARS. She has spent over 10 years training with transformational trainers, personal development coaches and thought leaders. She facilitates workshops, team building retreats and teaches yoga. 




Vanessa James
Alberta, Canada

I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of Radiant Tribe. I believe in the power of community to enervate, energize and elevate: together we will reach higher and go farther than we ever imagined. I am grateful to have been a part of many communities and have seen first hand what happens when we come together to experience the fullness of life - to live in joy - to Turn It ON, Turn it UP and Turn it IN. Communities are integral to our life journey. The connections that we make, the love that we share, the vulnerability we experience as part of our tribe gives us what we need to live a life pulsating with energy and light. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey of connection, love and light.
When I am not facilitating tribe, I work as a psychotherapist specializing in sports psychology and as a meditation teacher. I have spent time on an ashram studying yogic philosophy. I love spending time in nature with my two daughters and our two dogs. Looking forward to jumping into JOY with you!